As Our Savior Christ Has Taught Us

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As Our Savior Christ Has Taught Us

as our savior christ has taught us we are bold to say

creator of all that is
     wherever however whoever you are
          assuming words like where how and who even apply
               and they probably do not

how holy must your real name be
     how delightful we do not know it
          how certain we would fight over it if we did

we try to imagine your will and your way on earth
     as in the heavenly places
such a state is beyond our thinking
     so deep is our sin
          we are bold to ask for it nonetheless

give us today what we need for today
     as you have every day of our lives
give us the faith to live so fully in the present
     that we see and give thanks for your good provision
          even as we receive it

forgive the constant transgressions so embedded in our souls
     even our best efforts and holiest moments are tainted
may the knowledge of our sin bring such grace to us
     that our forgiveness of others makes them think of you

if it be your will lead us today away from what tempts us
if it be your desire that we are cast into the wilderness
     like christ
then find us faithful even in those dark places
     and deliver us from the evil therein

in you is our birthing and living and dying
     through you is our knowing and loving and losing
          from you is our salvation and our hope
               now and even unto the end of the ages

as it has been said
     so let it be lived

Image by Ken Yuel. Used with permission via Flickr.
Post by Gordon Atkinson.