SuperSized Solace

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That was bad enough, but I couldn't help thinking how bereft his actual eating experiences had become— as he stuffed food into himself in the car, on the couch, on the go. He even (pardon the graphic picture here) threw up right out his car window after overdoing it with a 15-minute SuperSize dining experience. Contrast this to our featured poem this week. Through her strong, clear images, A Simple Country Girl reminds us there is beauty and solace in a simple home-cooked meal. I'll bet she eats her food at a table too, with cheery sunflowers overlooking. Just guessing. Solace in the Sauce Lining my windowsill and crowding my granite countertops. Thin, green cardboard produce baskets spilling over with red and orange tomatoes, stems and dirt still on. A rubberbanded bundle of purple basil. Gigantic sweet onions. Dried roots attach to wispy paper-covered garlic bulbs. Solace in the expectation of the ordinary. Cut. Slice. Chop. Smash. Add olive oil, heat, time and a wooden spoon. Sauce simmers. Apple Pie photo by Ann Voskamp. Used with permission. Post by L.L. Barkat, author of God in the Yard: Spiritual Practice for the Rest of Us. All Random Acts of Poetry Participants Monica’s Folds and Creases nAncY’s poem and prayer Linda’s My Mother’s Wedding Dress Maureen’s No Easy Solace FaithHopeandCherrytea’s Beauty Glynn’s Solace of the Woods Karen’s As We Gather Treasures Sandra’s Find Solace A Simple Country Girl Solace in Sauce Kath’s Time Mama K’s Solace and Jazz LL's Suddenly and Chocolate is Solace HisFirefly's Solace in the Rain Nancy's Seeking Solace Stephie's Solace - Soul = Soulless Emily's Grasping Tranquility