When You Lose Your Job

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There's not many things more frightening than losing your job. A few years ago my wife was laid off from a job that she had held for 12 years. There was no problem with her performance. There was just no room for her in the changing organization. The whole experience was very difficult for our family. When people lose their jobs, the stress is incredible. There is financial pressure and fear. The family has to tighten its belt and do with less. Plans get put on hold.

So how should Christians in the workplace respond to losing their jobs? Every Square Inch tackles this difficult issue in his latest posting.

"Whether you've been fired, retrenched or euphemistically, "let go", losing your job can be a difficult trial to walk through. Given that an average person will have 10 to 12 jobs in a lifetime of work, losing your job at least once during that span of time, is actually a likely scenario. The question isn't whether it'll happen to you, but rather how you plan to deal with it when it does happen.

Can a Christian lose his job, yet keep his integrity in the process? How do you get fired and glorify God?"...Click here to read more.

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