Why This Lawyer Just Can’t Leave Her Profession

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High Calling Blogger Amanda Hill is a writer, a mom, and a lawyer.

She describes her paying job as an intervention “when the aggrieved roar.”

How you bring your faith into this profession isn’t easy. And to make it a High Calling takes a hearty balance of both humility and sensibility. “But mostly I’m just thankful I’ve been given this calling, and this ability to think differently, to help those who need it most,” said Amanda.

At times, she admits, a different profession is appealing. Amanda sometimes “Do something different., to shed the lawyer image and change into flannel pajamas and surround myself with play dates and grocery store runs.”

But her sense of mission won’t let her. “The call of law never really leaves. Because once you know something – when you live it and study it and peel back the onion layers to smell it and cry it and feel it inside – it never goes away. I can solve problems others cannot, and respond in the language lawyers understand, and I have the ability to stand in the face of an adversary and say with full confidence that ‘I do not fear you.’”

Are you in a job you could just never leave? Even if you aren’t, you’ll appreciate the struggle Amanda Hill presents on On Being a Lawyer.