Community Post: “No” to the Good, “Yes” to the Great

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There it was: an offer I never expected, but always deeply desired. With it came recognition.

I’ve craved pats on the back from people from as far back as I can remember. My parents always sought to encourage me not to seek such things out, but I craved it because it was rare to receive pats on the back from my family.

High fives, excitement, celebratory dinners, and encouragement only go so far if there is no other follow-up.

Craving others’ approval became the norm for me, and when I didn’t get it, I threw a tantrum like my 5 year-old son does. Though the tantrums turned into manipulative tactics, needless to say, this narcissistic, controlling tactic never granted me my dreams. In fact, it only left me craving more when I didn’t get what I wanted…or if I did get it, I needed another fix quickly.

And now…here I was…36 years old, and something I’ve always wanted made it to my doorstep without my seeking it out: leadership opportunity.

How did I handle it, though?

I turned it down.

I never thought I’d deny such opportunity, but I had to. The Holy Spirit didn’t prompt peace in my heart to say yes. I had to say no because God simply said, “No, my daughter. It’s not My time for you yet. Bloom where you’re planted.”

“Wow, really God?” I responded, and when I felt His spirit affirm my spirit, I had to comply--or live out consequences that would be detrimental to me, my family, and the endeavors He has in place for us down the road.

It wasn’t easy to make this decision, but it was simple…because I did exactly the opposite of how I was groomed to respond growing up. I listened, prayed, consulted with my husband and a few safe people in my life, and prayed some more (trying to figure out if it was just fear getting in the way). Then I said no to a good opportunity and I am now open to something great He is leading me towards.

I can see the vision, but I can only rely on the steps I take now in Christ, instead of trying to jump a million hurdles to reach the vision without Him.

Being in this moment, one step at a time, is stretching…challenging…even painful at times, to my flesh. Yet, these are the moments where I’m being trained to endure the hard things that come with the vision He’s created for me and my family.

Our Pastor said not long ago that if we really want the responsibility for the places we desire, we’re going to need to pay some significant prices.

He speaks truth here, because in order to fulfill the vision He gives us, we need to figure out what we’re willing to give up now in order to pay for it.

Honestly, giving up our pride, ego, and controlling ways are small pennies compared to the price He paid for all our lives. I gladly give up my desires now to Him…as painful as that is. For I know He has far better things in store for me than I can even imagine.

Moving Beyond Mediocrity

This article is part of our series, Moving Beyond Mediocrity. How often in your daily life do you think, “I wish I could do better”? It’s the feeling you get when you realize you aren’t really trying. Your job, your family, even your hobbies: they are worth working harder. But what does it take to move beyond mediocrity? How do you quit using your education, your upbringing, your circumstances, even your faith, as an excuse to keep you from doing your best? Join us as we discuss giving it our all in our workplaces and our homes, in our communities and our churches, for the common good and for the glory of God. Also, consider inviting others to join you by sharing these stories via email, Facebook, Twitter, or networks you are part of.

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