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Congruence. (kنn´ groo wens) The state or quality of being in agreement, harmonious.

A simple term that many of us don't consider beyond math courses; but it has a powerful impact on how we live our lives: Congruence. Bible studies hardly mention it, but perhaps they should—because the congruence of our inner and outer lives is a leading indicator in spiritual growth.

Take high-fat foods: We know they increase our cholesterol, but we don't stop eating them until cholesterol levels are dangerously high. Or character: We believe ourselves honest, fair, and right-minded, but we'll still fudge on an expense report, avoid a phone call, or say something is in the mail that isn't yet. Humans' creative "blind spots" are the chasm between what we say we believe and what we do. To seek greater congruence, to narrow that gap, is to ask God to transform us inside out. As it turns out, we can't do congruence alone; we can't will our own righteousness. Inner-outer agreement is the effect of God within us as we proceed deeper into Him. Our job simply is to give God permission.

God, open my eyes to the blind spots. Shine your spotlight into every corner; bring congruence to who I am on the inside and who I am on the outside. From every perspective, let me be your person this day. Amen.

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