Everlasting Words

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“Heaven and earth will disappear, but my words will never disappear.”

Matthew 24:35

Taken out of context, the first part of Matthew 24:35 seems to suggest the future obliteration of the universe: “Heaven and earth will disappear.” But Jesus is not saying that God will wipe out creation entirely. Rather, the current form of heaven and earth, with its brokenness and dysfunctionality, will pass away when the new heaven and new earth appear (Rev. 21:1). In the future, God will renew all things when he fully establishes his kingdom.

Given the transitory nature of this existence, where can we put our confidence? In the words of Jesus. His words will outlast even this heaven and this earth. To be sure, sometimes the words of Jesus are hard to interpret. Matthew 24 provides a salient example! At other times we can grasp Jesus’ point, but balk in our obedience. Who finds it easy to love one’s enemies? Yet the teachings of Jesus remain fixed as a source of truth, goodness, and life.

QUESTIONS FOR REFLECTION: Which of the words of Jesus have meant most to you in your life? Why? How have you hung on to the words of Jesus in times of crisis?

PRAYER: Dear Lord, each time I read Matthew 24, I find myself wondering what it really means. I wish I could sit down and talk with you about it! But, until that day, I will hang on to your words, both the ones that comfort me and the ones that baffle me. Your words, O Lord, will last forever. Your truth abides when lesser truths fail. Your promises endure. Your faithfulness never ends.

Help me, gracious Lord, to understand your words, to embrace them, to do them, to share them. You, and only you, have the words of eternal life. Amen.