My King and My God!

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Listen to my cry for help, my King and my God, for I pray to no one but you.

Psalm 5:2

Sometimes we Christians have a tendency to make God too small. Not that we actually diminish God, of course. But our thoughts and images of God can be of a divine pal who helps us when we need it, but otherwise leaves us alone. There are times when we need to step back, to realize that God is the creator of all things, the King of kings, the only true God of all people.

There are times when we affirm the truths of God’s awesome nature, yet fail to experience these truths in our daily life. God is indeed King of kings. But he is also my King. God is indeed the one true God of all people. But he is also my God. Psalm 5 encourages us not to diminish God’s greatness in any way, but also not to lose our personal relationship with the one who is our King and God.

When we echo the psalmist in saying, “I pray to no one but you,” this is not only a statement of fact. It’s a word of commitment and trust. We pray only to God because of the unique, intimate relationship we have with him. We pray to God because he has made himself known to us, because he loves us, and because he invites us to open our hearts to him. What a wonder and a privilege!

QUESTIONS FOR FURTHER REFLECTION: As you think about your relationship with God, do you ever neglect God’s greatness as King of kings and the God of all people? Or do you sometimes forget that the God of the universe is also your God? What difference does it make in your life that you have an intimate relationship with God? What difference could it make?

PRAYER: King of kings, today I am reminded that you are also my King. You are not only the sovereign over all things, but also over my life. You have the right to direct me, to use me for your purposes, to expect my worship and utter submission to you. Gracious King, I know that when I give my life to you, when I follow your orders, I experience life to the fullest. Your authority is matched by your love.

God of the Universe, today I am also reminded that you are my God. You have called me to yourself. You have saved me by your grace. You have filled me with your Spirit. I belong to you and have committed my life to you. You are, indeed, my God.

All praise be to you, my King and my God, for the privilege of knowing you, serving you, worshiping you, and praying to you. May my life give you glory, Lord, in all I say and all I do. In Jesus' name, Amen.