One Reason to Worship

Daily Reflection / Produced by The High Calling
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The LORD is my strength and shield. I trust him with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy. I burst out in songs of thanksgiving.

Psalm 28:7

There are many reasons to worship God, more than I could possibly state in this reflection, or even in a thousand. At the core, we worship God because of who God is and what God has done. Our worship is a response to God, to his grace and mercy in our lives, as well as to his greatness and majesty.

Psalm 28:7 makes a specific connection between God’s work in our lives and our worship. This verse begins with a declaration of God’s power and protection. Because he is our “strength and shield,” therefore we trust him completely. Yet God’s power is not just something we affirm. It is also something we experience. Thus the psalmist says, “He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy. I burst out in songs of thanksgiving.” Our response to God’s gracious intervention in our lives is joy, a joy that leads to “songs of thanksgiving.” The more we experience and acknowledge God’s goodness to us, the less we will be able to keep it inside.

When you take time alone for personal worship or when you gather with God’s people for corporate worship, do you remember how God has helped you? Worship isn’t something we “rev up” with our effort. Nor is it something to be stirred up by energetic music. Rather, true worship flows from hearts overflowing with joy and gratitude for what God has done for us.

QUESTIONS FOR REFLECTION: Do you begin your times of worship by remembering how God has helped you? When you think of God’s help in your life, what experiences come quickly to mind?

PRAYER: Gracious Heavenly Father, you are, indeed, my strength and shield. You have empowered me time and again by your Spirit to do your works. And you have protected me from all measure of evils. The more I consider who you are and what you have done for me, the more I am able to trust you with my whole heart.

Thank you for helping me. I can remember so many times when you graced me with heavenly assistance. How incredibly good you have been to me!

May my worship be an intentional, joyful, thankful response to what you have done in my life. Even tomorrow, as I gather with your people to celebrate the resurrection, may I remember all that you have done for me, so that I might burst out in songs of thanksgiving!

All praise be to you, O God, my strength, my shield, my helper! Amen.