The Days I am an Atheist

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Jesus said it this way: "So what do you think? There was a man with two sons. He told the first son to go into the vineyard and work. That son said he would go, but he never did. The man asked the second son, and he said, "I'm not going." But later he felt bad and went. Which of the two did the will of their Father?" Of course, Jesus was the master story-teller. And that parable is a marvelous paradigm for us to use in considering who we really are. You are, as it turns out, what you do and how you act. Your words have very little to do with it. If you say you believe in God, but act like you do not, what is the truth about you? Red Letter Believers, one of my favorite blogs, addresses this very question. Those times when I decide there is no God, not by my words, but by my actions. When I act as if there is only me and I pursue my own ends without regard to His purpose, then I act as an atheist. Those times when I ignore the souls of those around me and absorb myself in my own cares and pursuits. I am an atheist. Those times when i ignore the very clear clarion call of God. I act just like the atheist, for the God I claim I do not believe enough to obey. In those times, I should cry out, "I believe, but God, help my unbelief!" May my life reflect my heart! without regard to His purpose, then I act as an atheist. ...Read More

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