Don’t Give in to Negative Thoughts

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Progression of Faith - Mike Leaptrott writes about the growth of his faith over the years. It is so easy to think that we can't make a difference in our world. We are so far removed from political power. All we can do is watch them run the country on tv. The suffering in the world is larger than we can imagine. Many of us are doing well if we get out of bed and complete a decent day's work. Mike Leaptrott advocates not giving in to this kind of negative thinking. We CAN make a difference, he claims. And we can make that difference by the way we work each day. aaaaaaaaaaaGordon Atkinson The most exciting part of my job is that I know we are counter-cultural, yet we succeed where others have failed. There are no slick marketing campaigns, no fancy hype, no telemarketing calls, no spam email, no suits and ties, and no mistreatment of workers. We are able to do this because we made the conscious decision to reject the worldview of corporate America that views its customers and employees as resources... Running an ethical business is just one small step. We can't stop there and assume we've succeeded in modeling Jesus' vision...Click here to read more.