Exemplary Obedience, Exemplary Faith

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"So Noah did everything exactly as God had commanded him."

Genesis 6:22

God gave Noah a Herculean task: to build a giant boat, one much longer than a football field, and then to fill it with representatives of all the animals, as well as with sufficient provisions for a long voyage. This set of instructions came before Noah had any tangible evidence of the coming flood. All he had was God's word. This was enough for Noah, who did "everything exactly as God commanded him." Thus we see in Noah an example not only of obedience, but also of faith. He trusted God enough to do something extraordinarily difficult, even something that might have seemed foolish. Yet Noah believed God and acted accordingly.

QUESTIONS: Has God asked you to do something that feels overwhelming? Or has God asked you to do something that seems foolish in the eyes of the world? How did you respond?

PRAYER: Dear God, Noah's faith inspires and challenges me. Even though you asked him to do something difficult, something that might have seemed nonsensical, Noah trusted you and acted accordingly. Help me to be like Noah! May I take seriously your instructions and directions. In every area of my life, may I seek to be faithful to you, both in what I believe and in how I act. When my faith falters, help me to trust you more. When I try to rationalize my way out of obedience, may your Spirit keep me on track. Dear Lord, I want to honor you in all that I think and in all that I do. Amen.

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