Failure is Not an Option...

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Or is it? Everyone remembers Ed Harris' famous line in the movie Apollo 13 - "Failure is not an option." It makes for a nice movie line. It's inspiring. It gets the troops moving. Of course, it's completely untrue. Failure not only is an option, it is a certainty. Every human being fails. We fail a lot, in fact. So what would happen if you turned that phrase around? What if you said, "Failure is a certainty." Take a look at a recent post from Pilgrimage of the Heart.

I once heard Craig Groeschel of LifeChurch in Oklahoma City deliver a message on leadership and failure. He remarked that many pastors and people in ministry quote Ed Harris' line in Apollo 13 as their ministry's mission statement: "Failure is not an option." That's ludicrous, according to Groeschel, who founded and pastors a megachurch. "Failure," he says, "is an inevitability." My mentor said something similar a few months ago, and it's finally beginning to sink in. Without failure, how do we learn? Without failure, how do we grow?...READ MORE