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If you're wondering how faith works at work, look no further than today's set of problems—especially the jumbo ones. That's what Daniel did as he observed three simple habits:

1. Ask God to fill him up for the situation
2. Refuse to be filled up with anything but God—no matter what
3. Watch for what God would do

When God gave Judah into the hands of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, He also gave away the vessels of the house of the Lord (Dan. 1:2). Nebuchadnezzar would use the vessels for his own purposes, which were also his intentions for his Judean prisoners: royal and noble people without blemish, smart-looking and smart. But God had a different end in mind for all His vessels: a purpose far beyond Nebuchadnezzar.

God's purpose was in Daniel's mind, too. Ditto for Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego. They were stuck in a non-sacred place given non-sacred tasks for non-sacred ends—all of which they turned over to God and worked them for His glory. And they managed to do better than excellent work as they brought glory to God, despite the threat of execution, fiery furnaces and lions.

Daniel's strategy was cup-shaped. The vessels Nebuchadnezzar took from the house of the Lord were dedicated—just like Daniel and friends. When the vessels were put to ignoble use, God's wrath was written across the wall (Daniel 5). But Daniel and friends wouldn't allow for ignoble use. They knew they needed God and they asked to be filled up. And they continued asking until they got filled. Period. Even when things got hot (literally), even when the executioner's axe was poised, they waited to be filled. And that is the lesson for sacred people in a seemingly secular world: it's not a secular world after all. It's all God's world. So wait for him to act.

A few habits from Daniel for work:

  • The sole purpose of a cup is to be filled up and poured out. Repeat as needed.

  • Nobody fills themselves up. God grants success. Sometimes it resembles the world's definition. Sometimes it looks like getting thrown into the lion's den. God fills in his own way and for his own purposes. Our job is to receive.

  • Even (especially) at work it is important we filling with what God wants to fill. Let others fill up with angst or political maneuvering or one ups-manship or whatever. Be like Daniel and reserve your cup for God Himself.

  • Pray at noon and as needed. Favor a lean diet over the rich stuff. Make a practice of really and truly needing to hear from the Lord.

The Bible is clear that God visits those in trouble. His presence is there, right when we need it. So look for faith-filling at work with the feisty boss or client, or when the blame game circulates through the department, or when the expectations are higher than time will allow. You may not feel filled up, but if you ask, you will be.

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