The Forgotten Call of Gospel Proclamation

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For most of us, there is a real reluctance to verbally share our faith in the workplace. Political correctness, workplace rules, and just plain fear often hold back our tongues on even the most simple of faith expressions.

Andre Yee, who blogs at Every Square Inch, says that Christians are often hesitant to share their faith because of the presumed negative reaction from coworkers.

“Yet, God has called all Christians to the holy task of gospel proclamation,” he writes. “Ordinary Christians sharing the good news in both word and deed in every sphere of life is God’s appointed means to spread the good news.”

I believe in living out your faith and applying the red letters of the Bible (along with the black ones, too) in every day life. Everyone knows people who are all talk and little walk. But at some point, you have to open up about our faith.

Yee suggests, “A great starting point for many of us is to simply stop censoring ourselves.”

Andre Yee has keen analysis and some practical advice about The Forgotten Call of Gospel Proclamation.

Post by David Rupert. Image by Kelly Sauer,

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