God’s Work, Our Work

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From the beginning of scripture to the end, from the Bible's first chapter through the last, God is at work to create and recreate. From the beginning, God invites us humans to join him as co-creators, managers, and agents of renewal.

• "In the beginning God created . . ." Genesis 1:1

• "The one who sits on the throne said, 'and now I make all things new.'" Rev. 21:5

• "The Lord God put the human in the garden of Eden, to take care of it." Genesis 2:15

• "Isn't this (Jesus) the carpenter, the son of Mary?" Mark 6:3

• "And whatever work you have to do, either in speech or in action, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus thanking God the Father through Him." Col. 3:17 (Phillips) "And whatever you do, work at it with all your heart as though you were working for the Lord." Col. 3:23 GNMM

• "I am giving you a new command: You must love each other, just as I have loved you." John 13:34 (He had just finished washing his disciples' feet.)

• Employees, always cooperate with your human bosses with the pure motive, which springs from reverence for God. . . . Employers, treat your employees with justice and equality realizing that you yourselves have a spiritual employer." Col. 3:22 & 4:1 (Cotton Patch)

• "The idea is that God can call us to many kinds of activity and that work well done is a holy enterprise." Elton Trueblood

You, Lord Jesus . . . you are the initiating, active, entrepreneurial God who comes as a worker, thus dignifying and making holy all my work. Thank you. Enable me to work with the joy of joining you in the creativity and stewardship of that work. May I do my work as holy enterprise, a continuing act of worship, to honor you through integrity, honesty, and quality of my work. Loving, serving Christ, may my work, my leadership, the employment of my skills, abilities, and giftedness be for the loving, yes, sacrificial service of others. Strengthen me for that challenge. Fill me with the joy of service to you—in your name, Jesus, in your name. Amen.