Is a Good Name Important in Business?

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Companies with great reputations attract great employees. And corporate reputations are created over long periods of time. Honesty, integrity, and a high degree of service are the key ingredients for building a loyal customer base.

All of that can be ruined with one act of deception or a poor transaction.

Chris Patton at Christian Faith at Work writes about the importance of a good name. He turns to a verse of Scripture to make his point.

A good name is better than precious ointment. Eccl. 7.1

“A good name says that you have been good to your word over a long enough period of time,” he writes. “It also gives you an advantage in hiring better people over time. “

I’ve thought about the consumer impact of a good name, but never about the employee impact. We want to work for an organization with a good reputation. There is nothing worse than telling people you work at a shady company with a shoddy and spotty record.

Companies with great reputations attract great employees.

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