The Goodness of Work

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My eight year-old son wanted a new handheld gaming system, but we didn't have the funds to give him one. Plus, I long for my boys to know the value of working for the things they want, instead of having everything handed to them. Therefore, we made Jackson earn the money to buy his heart's desire. He sold things, performed extra chores, saved his allowance, and counted his pennies until the day he possessed enough cash to buy it. Jax even decided to buy a perfectly fine used system, instead of paying full price for a new one.

As he he held his purchase in his hands, he beamed. He was proud of himself, and I was proud, too.

In a piece entitled "The Goodness of Work" on the Patheos blog The Homeschool Chronicles, Tara Edelschick writes about her own children's combined efforts to buy something substantial. She says: "...they have enjoyed earning and spending that money far more than they have enjoyed their allowance or birthday money."

Post by Dena Dyer. Image by Derek Gavely. Used by permission. Sourced by Flicker.