Growing Up Is Hard To Do

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Often, life lesson's come from the smallest teachers. Over at Beyond Just Moms, HCB newcomer Pam shares one of her child-inspired lessons with readers. Check it out:

My second grader bursts through the door after getting off the bus, wrestling to break free of her backpack, coat, boots, gloves, etc. before she runs inside. I’m sure she desperately needs to use the bathroom, so I step aside to make way. Instead, she rushes straight to the phone, frantically scrolling through the caller id to find a friend’s number.

“What on earth are you doing?” I ask. “I have to call Courtney,” she says, “quickly!” I finally realize she’s trying to call this friend before she makes arrangements with someone else. It’s been coming up more often lately. A gaggle of second grade girls in our neighborhood are competing–in the ways girls do best–for playdates, bus seats, recess time, and other little ways. Sigh. Read more...