Harvest Moon

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Writer and professor J. Schaap has a nice piece out called, "Harvest Moon." It's rise is hardly meteoric, but when it appears, it's huge. Last night, the dust from a thousand harvests kept it from being as orange as I'd hoped; instead, it was a pink balloon until it shook free of all our chaff. But there it was, shedding a light so bright you could pick corn or almost anything else in the reign it brought to the earth. Sometimes I wonder if I too wouldn't have been prone to worship the sun and moon, if we had no other light. Last night I flew out into the country into a setting sun that was so bright it should have made driving illegal, but the moment that blinding glow fell beneath the horizon, a huge pink balloon appeared, almost like magic, all the way across the earth. What a show. If it's all we had, I'm sure we'd make more of it--millions have....Read More.