He Carries My Disease

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High Calling Blogger "Wide Eyed Fiction" writes about healing. Healing is hard to understand, in part because we usually only think of physical healing. And of course, we've all watched the TV preachers heal people and been a little embarassed by it. But Jesus wasn't timid when it came to healing. Check out what Mike Delossa has to say about it. He struggles with insomnia, which is a terrible affliction. Those who have spent hours and hours alone in the dark know this. Mike takes comfort in knowing that Jesus knows what he is going through. I can't sleep again. I'm tired, so tired that after a few minutes of reading in bed I can barely keep my eyes open and the words on the page blur like I was cross-eyed. But as soon as I close my eyes to sleep I get very restless and feel a sudden urge to scream or holler. I know it sounds crazy and many of you are probably shaking your head and thinking, "Oh, no, he's finally lost it, gone over the edge, signed into the local funny farm." It's not like that, though. It's not an actual urge to scream, it just feels that way. Hard to explain. Has anyone else experienced this? Anyway, eventually, in the wee hours of the morning I do fall asleep. Maybe it's my nerves, anxiety, stress, I don't know. It's weird because last week I couldn't get enough sleep and now I can't buy an easy entrance into La-La Land....Read More