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When heat abounds, I sweat generously. My body can't give away the heat fast enough. When I'm cold, however, my core gets greedy. It says, "Sorry fingers and toes. I'm looking out for myself. You'll get whatever's left over, if anything." That's great for my body, but not so great for my community. Jesus calls me to give, and I have no problem giving generously in years of plenty. Yet in scarce times, I hoard. I watch the stock market drop and tighten my grasp on what remains. I worry about having enough when there isn't enough for everyone. I hope you don't follow in my footsteps.

High Calling Blogger, Kevin Hendricks, isn't. He wrote a resourceful post on how to help each other in scarce times. Specifically, he tells us how to help each other find jobs. Check it out here...