On Hope

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The most important word in my Christian walk is hope. Well, faith also. But what is faith but hope for the unseen? Not all I hope for will happen this side of the horizon. I hope for libraries in heaven, for instance. I hope to journey from one place to another in the hereafter. I look forward to knowing what has been unknown.

I look forward to history classes . . . to understanding global migration trails . . . learning Native Americans' various origins . . . meeting my ancestors. . . . I want to understand God's mysteries. Most of all, I want to see Christ. What he must be!

In heaven are many mansions. I go to prepare a place for you, Christ said before he left. What place? Federalist housing? A low-roofed ranch house? A teepee? What have I tithed? What have I given? Where is my heart? Is it tied to God's reality in my life? A life that is nothing without him?

I think about retiring—worry about it, actually. Haven't I taken care of you so far? Yes, I say. More than I imagined. Nineteen years ago divorce left me alone to rear two children and face hard economic realities. I pushed on, hoping to find a way. Praying each step because I had no choice. After school on an Equal Opportunity Fellowship, I joined a college staff and rose through the ranks of assistant, associate, and full professor.

Now change faces me again. I will be with you. Even to the ends of the earth. That's what it seems like. But I can face the unknown because I am in Christ. Though the mountains be moved and cast into the midst of the sea, I am with you to the ends of the earth. Hope stretches me, calms, and enlarges me. Hope is like teepee drawings of my family's walk through history. A reminder of what was. A hope for what can be. They . . . will be glad when they see me, because I have hoped in your word (Psalm 119:74). The Bible shows me teepee drawings of past stories and future hope. The Lord will roar out of Zion, and utter his voice from Jerusalem . . . the heavens and the earth will shake; but the Lord will be the hope of his people (Joel 3:16). And from Romans 8:24-25, that sturdy book that fits like a pair of moccasins: We are saved by hope. But hope that is seen is not hope, for what a man sees, why does he yet hope? But if we hope for that which we see not, then do we with patience wait for it.
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