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Salvador's Cards L.L. here. Procrastinating on a Saturday afternoon. (Subtext: I’m having trouble wresting Chapter 7 from deep consciousness.) Anyway, what better way to avoid a writing project than by writing… about a party? Unh huh, a party. Here at High Calling Blogs. Everybody knows that a central aspect of community is to have fun together. So let’s eat a few corn chips, savor the salsa, and play a game of cards in virtual fashion. While we’re at it, we can make the world a brighter place for people in need. Here’s the deal. While at Jubilee, I met this pretty cool guy, Jeff Shinabarger. He started an organization that encourages people to invite friends over to play cards for an evening. Entry to the party? A gift-card with leftover credit on it. Five cents. A hundred dollars. Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Macy’s, phonecards, whatever. People have fun. They win some, they lose some, they laugh some. And when the party host sends collected gift cards on to Gift Card Giver, they sigh some, in contentment over doing good by having a good time (Jeff’s organization puts the donated gift-cards into the hands of non-profit organizations that use them for people in need). Now, for the rules of the game: 1. PLAY: This week, send a gift-card with leftover credit on it to... Marcus Goodyear H.E. Butt Foundation 719 Earl Garrett P.O. Box 290670 Kerrville, TX 78029-0670 If you know how much is left on the gift card, please write the value in permanent marker on the card. 2. SHARE: host an actual Gift Card party in your home, play a game of cards with your kids, take a picture of playing-cards (hey, Soul Per Suit people, we know you have a head start on this!), write a poem about cards, or do anything else you can dream up that’s card-related and blog about it by March 18, 2008. (Social media tip: participating in group writing projects can increase your blog traffic. : ) Link to Gift Card Giver in your post. Then we’ll do a grand celebration post and give you a little link-love to go with your chips and salsa. We’ll also let you know how many cards we collected. (Let’s see if we can surprise Jeff with a windfall.) --------------- Okay, it’s time I quit playing around and get back to Chapter 7. Can’t wait to see you at the House Party. RELATED: LL's Silly Little Barriers to Doing Good

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