How Are You Dealing with the Cost of Groceries?

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Sam Van Eman works for CCO Campus Ministry and blogs about faith in the discipline of advertisting at New Breed of Advertisers. Sam really gets what we're trying to do here at In an email recently, he told me, "I enjoy speaking about work and faith in a distinct manner (maybe that's the influence of the CCO on me)... All of what we do IS a high calling, but I am most interested in helping folks understand the 9-5 portion of their lives in light of faith. Again, I don't think this area is most important; it's just where I am most interested."

I share that interest, Sam. So I popped over to his blog again and found that I was still moved by his post Ad folk, help the suffering rich. He points out, "16% of people making more than $100,000 per year 'have trouble affording the groceries they need'?! Are you serious?" Then he asks a question of advertisers specifically. How might your work improve the way people view need and want? Well, I'm no advertiser, but I figure regular consumers can still think about how advertising affects the way we view what we need and want. Certainly, the video Tina Howard posted at Spaghettipie has got me thinking about what I want and what I need and what other things can be done with that money. Whatever you think of The Eight Dollar Hot Dog, it doesn't offer any easy answers.

These two posts left me wondering this morning. Have you seen any ads that glorified God lately? I'm not talking about ads for church or black billboards with God asking if you can come over before the game. I mean, have you seen any business ads, doing what ads do normally, and still glorifying God at the same time? (As way of example, consider this ad for Honda that concludes, "Isn't it nice when things work?" It is nice. And it's by the grace of God and a tremendous amount of good design and diligence when things work. That's an edifying thought, isn't it?)