How Can the Church More Effectively Engage with People?

Video / Produced by The High Calling

Marlon Hall: In the twenty-first century, organizations that are led by a Christian effort often times answer questions that no one is asking. People aren't asking "Where can I find a church?" Off the bat. They're asking "Where can I find meaning in life? Where can I find meaning beyond the three hours that I would experience in it in a church? Where can I find it in every area of my life?" people are really asking about meaning and depth and passion. Like "How can I use what I love to do most of the week as a means by which I honor and celebrate the God who created me?" "How can I hear from God on how to transform my vocation so that I can resolve the issues of cancer in our world." I think people are asking questions like "Why is it that we are supposed to be people called by God's name, yet we are the least creative among them?" So these are real questions, but we don't respond to those questions that people are really asking.