How Fear Makes You Dumb

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Todd Henry, author of The Acciental Creative: How to be Brilliant at a Moment's Notice, says that he is glad to see more writers and speakers talking about the destructive influence that fear can have on our life and work. However, he also notes that some of the advice in those articles and speeches makes him shudder. We must discern why we're afraid, Henry writes, in order to take stock of whether or not we should move forward. Driving ourselves onward, regardless of what our gut says, can lead to disaster.

Says Henry: "Don’t allow fear to cause you to act in dumb ways, whether that means abdicating your contribution or failing at your goal because you acted blindly in your attempt to be 'courageous.' Rather, strive to understand the source of your fear and then make wise, measured, informed decisions, while refusing to allow fear to rule your life and actions."

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