How Leaders Are Led Astray

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As a Christian business professional, one of my favorite places in scripture to find lessons of leadership and entrepreneurship are in the Old Testament. God offers wisdom for modern day professionals through the seemingly aged stories of kings, warriors, prophets, and leaders.

The story of Jehosophat and Ahab reveals how being led astray by ungodly advisers can have a fatal result.

Ahab surrounded himself with false prophets who clouded God’s truth with lies. Those advisers deceived Ahab into making a decision that resulted in death. We too may fall into a similar trap if we do not carefully test the spirits of those that we trust for advice. We may not necessarily be led to a fatal decision, but we may be led astray nonetheless.

My challenge to you is to step back and think about the people you take advice from, both in your personal and professional life. Do you rely on coworkers or employees to offer subject matter expertise in the marketplace? Ahab did. And he was fatally misinformed as a result of his adviser’s selfish ambitions. Ask God about the people you trust for advice, test their spirits, and always be sure to inquire on your own for God’s direction.

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