How to Make a Good Lent

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Pastor Mark Powell has a nice piece online about how to create a good season of Lent. Setting aside time for Lent is a wonderful spiritual practice, but it's not something to be taken lightly or entered into without forethought.

Making a good Lent may be easier this year. In recent times doing Lent still seemed important, but oddly out of place to Christian believers living in a culture riding high and wide. But now, with the dying economy and the blistering loss of jobs and prosperity, the times seem especially open to at least a little introspection, if not outright repentance. Said differently, it takes more than a comfortable faith to ratchet down to the deep and inward look required by the season of Lent. It takes a gnawing, an uneasy feeling, a starkness which offers us a sort of premonition that things are out of balance. In good times we tend to take our ease and perhaps lean too heavily on the presumption of blessing, but in bad times we cannot afford to take our ease, too much is at stake....READ MORE.