How to Rise Above Mediocrity

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Let’s face it, in the modern marketplace, creativity is rarely fostered and is often discouraged. Standardization, best practices, and brand unity keep most of us within the closely defined walls of our employer.

David J. Winter, who is hosting a new blog over at Marketplace Grace, has an interesting take on creativity—even in a stifling environment. In his post, Rise Above Mediocrity, he encourages all companies to embrace creative thought. "In professional service companies and many other organizations, we seem to reach only to the expectation of the client or leader; rarely do we dare go higher,' he writes. "A creative solution can deliver profit and new products by finding new paths that take fewer resources and less time."

He gives five steps to bring about creative ability in the workplace:

1. Live beyond your chosen profession. Realize you are not defined by your profession.

2. Live beyond the expectations of others. Many, including those most close to us, do not know our future, just our past.

3. Live beyond the expectations of the current task. When we imagine something better with extra effort, we can produce greatness.

4. Live above the routine. Do something you normally would not do to recharge your creative energy.

5. Live beyond the natural. Follow God’s supernatural lead to find extraordinary opportunities.

Read his entire post here.