How to Stop Failure

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I hate to fail. Everyone does. And we have all read that you need to be comfortable with failure, because if you aren’t failing you aren’t stepping out enough.

I am easily inspired to step out on that light and wobbly limb. The problem comes when it starts to bend with my weight I leap safely back to solid ground.

Over the years I have learned a lot. I have learned how not to fail, but it usually is preceded by avoidance. The absence of failure is most definitely not always success. It could be nothingness. Just don’t try and you escape the doom of failure.

Or do you?

Mostly the avoidance of failure leads to a life un-lived. God created us each with an abundance of gifts and talents. We are all unique and He has plans to use what He created in us. If we are willing.

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Post by Newsletter Editor David Rupert. Image credits to be found in the accompanying gallery.