It Begins With the Leap

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Michelle Derusha is one The High Calling Network’s more enjoyable bloggers. She has a journalist’s eye, a theologian’s brain, and a mystic’s sensitivity.

She recently wrote about “Leaping.”

When she moved to Nebraska, she leaped into faith in Christ. Then she leaped into writing. More recently, she’s leaped into public speaking.

“At some point in the midst of all these leaps, I’ve smacked into a wall of disappointments, doubts, failures, frustrations and fear.” She had me at “smacked into a wall.” It’s true. Too many of us leap out and just don’t make it.

“Despite the risks and the fear, [leaping] is necessary. Because if you don’t ever leap, you won’t ever know what could have been. And what could have been might have made all the difference.”

Do you remember Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? At the end, Indiana Jones must take a "leap of faith" to cross a divide and reach the holy grail to save his father. Sometimes, like Indiana Jones, we have to take a step out in faith.

For Michelle Derusha, "Leaping has made the difference between unbelief and faith. It’s made the difference between living passively and living passionately. It’s made the difference between existing comfortably in the box and thriving in the wild open.”

Read the rest of her motivating post here.

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