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It Takes a Church - Musings about Christian Community, the mission of Christ and the life God intended for all of us. By Tod Bolsinger, pastor, author, and irregular blogger.

Many of us have only recently been made aware that our economic choices have good and bad consequences in the new global community. A shirt bought innocently at Wal-Mart may have been made by an abused child working in a dangerous factory somewhere in the world. Tod Bolsinger has found a pastor with a website that will help us make good decisions about how we spend our money. Take a look; it's worth your time. Jim Toole's looks can be deceiving. Behind the calm (often described as "Jedi-like") exterior lurks the heart of an entrepreneur who wants to change the world. Watch him hold a cup of coffee (usually made from beans he roasted himself after having them shipped from his favorite fair-trade co-op) and listen to the 41 year old pastor say, "I am often asked when I am going to write a book. I'm not. I'm going to come up with the next idea like 'child sponsorship', the next idea to change the way Christians can be part of changing the world."...Click here to read more.