It’s Easy to Be with You

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L.L. here. Reading Improv Wisdom: Don't Prepare, Just Show Up. And thinking how easy it is to be with you. Why?

Fairly early in the book, Madson describes the Improviser's World. "It's easy to be around these folks," she says. "They are can-do people. They have learned a way of working together on stage that commonly spills over into their daily lives. There is a spirit of cooperation."

That's what I feel when I'm here with you. Madson could just have easily been writing about this place, your presence.

I think about how we at HighCallingBlogs have built a community together. We come from different regions all over the United States (and even from different countries). We come with different church backgrounds, family lives. We have unique stories, talents and dreams.

But somehow we do what Madson's group does. She continues, "We smile and laugh a lot. We rarely need committee meetings to decide things [though an occasional decision will be made on Twitter!]

We do stuff. We make mistakes, sometimes whoppers. We correct them or we capitalize on them. We notice how much others are doing for us. We have fun. We screw up, we apologize. We get on one another's nerves sometimes. We move on. We create life and art together. We improvise."

The minute I read this I knew I would come here to say: fellow HCB'ers, it's easy to be with you.

Grace photo by Elizabeth O. Weller. Used with permission. Post by L.L. Barkat.