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Jason LezakSo what happens if you don't get to be the star? What happens if you're second fiddle, second place, not in the spotlight? The truth is, most people are not the stars. Most of us work behind the scenes. Stars have their own issues, of course. It's hard for them to keep perspective. But for those of us who labor mostly behind the scenes, mostly without the glory, it is good to remember that John the Baptist and Barnabas were pretty important in the New Testament, even if they aren't remembered as well as Jesus and Paul. Heather Goodman noticed Jason Lezak this week. She noticed that he had an such an important role to play in Michael Phelps winning 8 gold medals. She wonders what it is like for the ones who aren't the stars. Heather's stuff is always really interesting. You'll like this one. Check it out. With every 50 meters, I inch closer to the TV. By the time they swim the final lap, I have my nose about a foot away from the screen. My hands clasped together, I pray. "Is it bad theology to pray for them?" I ask Chris. He shrugs. At least it's live--I'm not praying retroactively (yes, I've done that too--God's above time, right?). I imagine a whole nation of people gripping their couches, popcorn, drinks as they watch Michael's final race. (Of course that's not how it is, but that's how I imagine it.) A whole nation of people watching Jason Lezak's final strokes. And here's what I can't help but wonder--am I willing to be Jason Lezak?...Read More