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Art Linkletter was right. Kid's say the darndest things. And they say the darndest things about God sometimes. If I close my eyes and think, I can remember a lot of the things my own kids said about God when they were smaller.

"What do God's feet look like?"

"Does God have a yellow beard? I think he does."

"Is Santa Claus like God?"

"I don't want to talk to God because I don't want him looking at me."

Some of their questions and answers are less than orthodox, but somehow we know that God is delighted when the least of these begins asking questions and making observations. What is that if not theology?

J. Schaap posted a delightful piece about his grandson, who apparently loves carrots more than life itself. Take a peek as this little boy has his first experience with some deep questions of meaning and theology.

Our four-year-old, towhead grandson has a thing for carrots. Yesterday, Sunday dinner, he had four helpings—doesn’t hurt, of course, that his grandma slathers them in butter and brown sugar. The fourth installment came after a caramel ice cream sundae sprinkled with tiny candy bits that are more fun than meaningful.

After all of that--after three helpings and a whole hamburger and a caramel sundae, he reaches, one more time, for the carrots, now scrumptiously room-temperature, then piles a dozen or so on his plate, and starts in again.

That’s when he blurted it out. “I love carrots more than God and more than the whole wide world,”...Click here to read more.

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