Laity Lodge: Trickle-Down Amazing

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Kelly Sauer

Laity Lodge is one of those rare places on earth where beauty, simplicity, and inspiration coexist. As the retreat center of the Foundations for Laity Renewal, it’s host to dozens of gatherings each year.

Jen Sandbulte recently visited the center, attending the High Calling retreat with about 50 other attendees. She was inspired to deeper Christian principles, and she found some leadership lessons along the way in the easy vibe of the on-site directors.

She sauntered into the dining room late one evening, looking for a cup of coffee to warm from the rare Texas freeze. There was none to be found, but she remembered the encouragement she received from the director on Day 1 – make yourself at home.

She walked into the kitchen with the coffee cambro and was met by Tim Blanks, The Director of Operations. He helped her with the coffee machine, while she gave high praise to the blend of beans. She got her coffee and some good conversation. But the encounter didn’t end there.

On her way out of the lodge on the last day of the retreat, Tim gave her a present. A bag of the beans to take home.

“He didn’t sell them to me, just handed them over and told me to enjoy them,” she writes. “I’m pretty sure Tim didn’t have to check with anyone to see if it was okay. He was secure in his role. With one small act he made me an even bigger fan.”

She concludes that Tim’s confidence came from the confidence his boss placed in him. Trickle down amazing!

“Good leaders hire good people, and then let them do their jobs,” she writes.

She has three things she learned about leadership from her visit.

Great leaders give their people a voice.

Great leaders are examples to the flock.

Great leaders have eyes that see.

Read her whole post here, and check out the Laity Lodge conference schedule and find one that’s right for you.