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L'Chaim - To life! This website is dedicated to the Creator, his creation, and the dance of life. Heather writes about the people in the world who bring goodness. Radical people who drop their nets at the shore, leaving it all to follow Christ into hard places. I'd like to highlight those who are specifically serving the poor. These are people who help the poor build businesses, spoon soup into the mouths of the hungry, play soccer with the leper, kiss the boo-boo of an orphan, and knit blankets for a local shelter. For the big kick-off, I'd like to tell you about Carmen. I met Carmen in 1995 at an orphanage in Honduras. More like saw her hugging this child, kissing that girl's scraped elbow, kicking the fútbol around with some of the teenagers. She mothers a whole lotta kid at Hogar de Niños Nazareth...

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