Looking Carefully at Ourselves

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Men and women typically use different body language and different voice cues when communicating. Many men have a tendency to be very direct, loud, demanding, and somewhat forceful. Men can be intimidating. I'm not talking about bad men here. I'm not talking about abusive men. I'm talking about good men, and I know something about men because I am one.

How many times have you been in a conversation and noticed men dominating it? And how many times have you noticed women hanging on the edges of the conversation. They might have great things to say, but it's too much work to force their way into the conversation.

As a Christian man, I try to watch for these things. I see them all the time, even at church.

High Calling Blogger Kim Quon is trying to be a good husband. He is a brave writer in this regard. Recently he's been writing about this very subject, about how men can display what is called "predator patterning." Check it out. Good men pay attention to this kind of thing.

"I've been writing about the overt aspects of predator patterning that may seem obvious to you (or maybe not). Even though they may be obvious, these patterns are not easily interrupted.... Although this patterning is inwardly focused (selfish) it is usually not self-aware. In other words, because it comes so naturally, we don't know we're doing it when we're doing it. Guys, if you are doubting that you act out in this patterning, the best way to find out is to ask the one closest to you. Ask your wife." Read More

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