Loving Monday? Really?

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Ugh. It’s Monday again.

Admit it. You’ve felt the dread. Even if you enjoy your work there is something incredibly aversive about leaving behind two free days of doing absolutely anything (or nothing) your little heart desires.

Ah, the joys of the weekend.

And then there is Monday.

Monday is starting all over again, spinning your wheels, the same old same old…

And usually, if you feel this way about Monday morning, it almost always starts on Sunday night. Maybe you become irritable. Snap excessively at your family. Your stomach gets all tight and bloaty. Even medication doesn’t help. Wait, maybe you’re getting sick.

Can’t you just stay home tomorrow and write poetry? Maybe read a few blogs…revisit the latest Tweetspeak manifesto?

But duty calls. So every Monday morning you haul your hiney out of bed and head to the office--all the while wondering where the meaning is.

If you’ve ever felt this way about your job, our next book club selection is for you. On Monday February 8th, we start our weekly discussion of Loving Monday: Succeeding in Business Without Selling Your SoulbyJohn D. Beckett.

Amazon’s product review describes the book:

Instead of grinding it out until Friday and living only for weekends, a successful Ohio manufacturing executive has seen how his work can be filled with meaning and purpose. The key is integrating his work and beliefs. As a result, both grow--along with his love for Mondays. Beckett brings all of life together: work, belief, value, character, relationship, truth, worship and joy. The result is employees who feel valued, enjoy their work, work hard and are successful at what they do.

Sounds good, huh?

So order your book and join us for some lively discussion. And get ready to fall in love with Monday.

post by laura boggess; photo by elizabeth weller of mindwhisperings, used with permission, of course