Make Good Impressions

Audio / Produced by The High Calling


Marie de Tilly is an expert on manners. She preaches the "3 by 20 rule." Here's the rule: The first minute of a first impression has three parts of 20 seconds each:

"In the first 20 seconds, we're judged by how we look . . .

In the next 20 seconds, by our behavior . . .

In the final 20 seconds, by our words."

So in one minute, the other person judges our appearance, our conduct, and our language. Pow! First impressions are set. And you get only one chance to make a first impression.

This is Howard Butt, Jr., of Laity Lodge. If you know how people form judgments, make it work for you. Be aware of the impressions you make . . . in the high calling of our daily work.

So [Jesse] sent and had [David] brought in. He was ruddy, with a fine appearance and handsome features. Then the LORD said, "Rise and anoint him; he is the one."

(1 Sam. 16:12)

Image by Kurt Budiarto. Used with Permission. Source via Flickr.