Make the Lord Holy

Daily Reflection / Produced by The High Calling
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“Make the LORD of Heaven’s Armies holy in your life. He is the one you should fear. He is the one who should make you tremble.”

Isaiah 8:13

As Israel faced the imminence of a foreign invasion, all of their attention was focused on their enemies, rather than on the Lord. Isaiah called the people to put God first in their lives, fearing him above all else. In fact, they were to make the Lord holy. And so are we.

In one sense, we can’t make God holy. He is holy, no matter what we might do or think. So making God holy doesn’t change him. It does mean that God takes a special, exalted place in our lives. As we recognize his unique holiness, we honor him with our worship, obedience, and devotion. We offer up our praise to God’s name, telling others of his greatness. And we live our lives for his matchless glory.

In a world of competing loyalties, we often feel torn. Who gets our primary commitment? Our country? Our political party? Our church? Our family? Isaiah reminds us to put God first above all. When we do, the rest of life will fall into its rightful place.

QUESTIONS FOR REFLECTION: What place does God get in your life? What might it mean for you to make God holy in your daily life?

PRAYER: Holy God, how easy it is for me to proclaim your holiness with my words. But how often I fail to make you holy in my life. You deserve my primary attention and allegiance, set apart from all competitors. Yet I can readily dethrone you out of fear, or selfishness, or simply bad habits.

May you and you alone take first place in my life. May I reverence you above all else. May I seek your will and your glory. No matter where I am, no matter what others might think, may you be holy for me. Amen.

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