Make Your Goals Attractive or They Will Die

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Heather Holleman has a blog dedicated to “flair.” She raises her kids, teaches her students, and follows God with the flair of life.

Last week she asked a simple question. “Is your goal attractive?”

She reasons that every goal requires some sacrifice. But on the other side of that sacrifice, there must be some attraction. The carrot on the end of my exercise regimen and diet is to be able to fit into my jeans. If I practice the guitar till my fingers are sore, then one day I will be able to play for my friends in a rousing chorus.

No pain, no gain, right? But that gain must be attractive. It must be enticing, even enchanting as Guy Kawaski implores.

Motivating employees with sacrifice alone is a deal breaker. And asking your family to give up things for no apparent reason will only be met with cold-stares.

Read Is Your Goal Sufficiently Attractive and learn how to add a little flair to your sacrifice.

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