Miracle on Highway 75

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High Calling blogger Jennifer Dukes Lee was in a car accident on January 17th. Obviously God was with her the whole time. Let me clarify that last statement. I've never been comfortable thinking about God as our sugar-daddy in the sky, where the idea would be that if you are good, maybe God will bail you out of a jam. God was with Jennifer Dukes Lee in the car because, apparently, Jennifer brings God with her wherever she goes. She has an ongoing faith relationship with God that is coupled with an active spiritual practice. So prayers leap from her lips, and even the new scar on her leg reminds her of the Creator.

The car careened toward me with little warning. A patch of ice must have caught her off guard. She spun. Thoughts raced, flipbook style. Four-door car. In my lane. Oh no! YHVH. Swerve. No chance. We're gonna hit. We're gonna hit. Can't stop. Here we go ... Steel on steel. Crumple. Seatbelt snaps. Airbag smacks. Glass shatters. Breathe, Jennifer. YHVH. Eyes open. I win either way. I feel you here, God. YHVH. I feel you here. Thud. Stop. Ribbons of white blowing in. River of red down my left leg. Van quiet. No music. Only my voice: "HELP!"...READ MORE