Miracle Moments, Busy or Quiet

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My thirty-one years as a professor in higher education is coming to a close. Lately, I have found myself delightfully daydreaming about the prospect of leisurely mornings in meditation with glorious daybreaks and dawns and the written power of words. If time allows, I drift further into musings about the joy of early morning walks, oil painting, gardening, and taking piano lessons again. I smile to remember long brunches with the rich aroma of Haitian coffee and fresh baked breads. I can hardly wait for such times! No missing of 12-hour days, weekend preparations, grading papers, last-minute assignments due yesterday, and 40- to 60-minute drive times. No more disappointment, sorrow, anger, envy, self-pity, guilt, or resentment walking in and out of my office door once retirement from this work comes.

What will I miss? I shall miss the "miracle-moments"! I shall miss the honesty and laughter of students seeking academic healing, broadened perspectives, and platforms for voices needing signification. I will yearn to hear testimonials—diverse success stories of courage and commitment from the many who struggled to juggle studying, parenting, full-time employment, and a shoestring budget.

I am certain to long for the company of those eager to learn more and do more than the curriculum or syllabus could ever offer. Without a doubt, I will regret not being there to share the perfect book from my personal library and the mountaintop experiences. All of it—sunshine and rain—are etched on my soul's surface, held close with hugs, tears, humor, risk taking, and uncountable wordless gifts. Miracle-moments that came unexpectedly, assuring me time and time again that joy, love, hope, serenity, faith, humility, kindness, and peace were always powerfully present. With full confidence and unshakable understanding, I leave knowing that these miracle-moments are ever available where one lives and works in the world because God is ever present. God is in every iota of every single creation in thought, word, and deed.

A valuable lesson on miracle-moments illustrates that point. I recently was trying frantically to contact a retired colleague about a contract opportunity at my campus perfect for him at this time in life. I tried for days. When he finally returned my call, he explained why he was uncommonly difficult to reach. He said, "I have no home phone or computer. At this time in my life, I am busy being present in the moment—reading, writing, meditating, sharing, thanking God for each and every miracle-moment in nature and human existence."

What a powerful reminder! At my workstation, the phone constantly rings, students come in and out, and e-mail is nonstop. But this harried and rushed existence still produces extraordinary God moments. Imagine what more time—more quiet, more listening, more prayer—might yield?

Thanks be to God for the ongoing and awesome miracle-moments . . . and thanks be to God for all the miracle moments in this new, unknown work that awaits you and me in days to come.