Moments of Grace

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Moments of Grace by Christopher de Vinck.

A book review by Howard Hovde
The author has found grace in many people, many things, and on many occasions. In the reading, you will be encouraged, be given hope, experience gratitude, and have both your mind and heart stretched.
Walking with Chris de Vinck through Moments of Grace is an awakening journey. He has learned how to see, how to be alert to sounds, how to persevere—even in darkness and disappointment.
One of his early teachers was his brother, Oliver. "Sometimes Oliver was my Zen guru. He is so quiet. Oliver had no intellect . . . he offered no advice . . . so it was in that silence where I had to discover my own answers to my woes . . . Oliver did not have the ability to learn, talk, think, communicate." (page 99)
On the day Oliver died in his 32nd year, Chris was holding his own "four-week-old son who was kicking his legs, wiggling his arms, looking into my eyes and I just cried . . . I pressed my face into the small boy's body and cried and cried, and I promised the boy I would love him for the rest of his life." (page 100)
Frequently throughout the book, the author made lists of things he likes. "I like to admire the wild flowers . . . I have come to my own reverence of the sea . . . I like the flash of lightening . . . I like the sound of tree frogs on a hot, August night."
Deep friendships can make life expand and joy multiply. Such a relationship developed between the author and Mr. Fred Rogers. Fred said to Chris, "The greatest gift someone can give another is his complete honest self." Chris gives himself to his readers this way.
He concludes, "I hope this little book helped to stimulate the fields of your soul at midnight as you continue to make the conscious decision to breathe."
Image by Daniela Munoz-Santos. Used with permission. Sourced via Flickr. Post by Howard Hovde.
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