Mother Teresa, CEO: Doubt Is Not Despair if You Act

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Our friends at Patheos are reflecting on the eight “Teresa Principles” highlighted in the new book, Mother Theresa, CEO: Unexpected Principles for Practical Leadership. It’s part of their book blogger roundtable conversation on faith & leadership, in which leaders of faith dive a bit deeper into some of the principles in the book.

Marcus Goodyear, Senior Editor of The High Calling, writes: "I wasn’t assigned doubt. I chose it. Or rather it chose me. I’m not talking about little bits of self-doubt and indecision. I’m not even talking about full on, fist shaking doubt. I’m talking about the kind of doubt that gets into the marrow, where my faith feels like a façade. My prayers just aren’t. And if I’m honest with myself, I go to church too many Sundays because I want my kids to have the kind of Dad who goes to church."

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