Is That My Blanket, Linus?

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I love having fans. I don't have many (Have you ever heard of me?) but I'm always on the lookout for more. Over the years I've developed a knack for locating these people who make me feel good. I find one or two where ever I go, and I can boast that I have some in my family, a handful in Sunday School, a bunch at work, a few in the neighborhood, a smattering on-line, and several in other corners of my life. Do you know why I love them? Because they provide security. They are like Linus's blanket to me. My fans like what I do and tell me so. They think I've arrived. They ask for my opinion and accept it. They call me on the phone and consider it wisdom. They make me feel all warm inside and I love them for it! But they don't grow me. That's the problem with fans. They're like High School yearbook comments who say, "You're such a great guy, Sam. Don't ever change, always stay the same!" Well, I recently asked a few fans (and only a few) to stop saying that. I invited them to become critics. I love it and hate it so far, but I know I need it. (Plus, if they help me to grow, I might get more fans! Oh, dreaded blanket!) My unofficial goal is to have one critic for each major area of my life: family, writing, speaking, leading and my Christian faith that affects all of these. Time will tell if I stick to it. This week, I was encouraged by folks who ask Mary DeMuth to be a critic. Mary is a good writer who recently started "Free Critique Per Week" for writers who want to grow. Read her invitation and examples, and consider what area of your life could use feedback like this. Perhaps, like me, you need to let go of your security blanket a little.
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