The Mysterious Melchizedek

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"And Melchizedek, the king of Salem and a priest of God Most High, brought Abram some bread and wine."

Genesis 14:18

The Bible is full of mysteries that we accept on faith, but just can't quite figure out. The appearance of Melchizedek in Genesis 14 is one of these mysteries. We know almost nothing about the surprising King of Salem (later, Jerusalem). He is called "a priest of God Most High." He brings Abram a meal of bread and wine. He blesses both Abram and God. How Melchizedek knew the one true God, how he came to be considered a priest of God, about these and other mysteries we can only wonder.

Melchizedek is mentioned in two other biblical books: once in Psalm 110:4, when his eternal priesthood is mentioned, and several times in Hebrews 5-7, which likens Christ's eternal priesthood to that of Melchizedek.

Over the centuries, Christians have proposed that Melchizedek may even have been an appearance of Christ himself. But this simply cannot be known. Though he serves as a type (pattern or template) for Christ, Melchizedek is not identified as Christ in Scripture.

QUESTION FOR REFLECTION: What do you do when you find something in the Bible that exceeds your understanding?

PRAYER: Dear Lord, the story of Melchizedek is a peculiar one, and it leaves us with so many questions. This is one of many passages in Scripture that we might never fully understand, at least not this side of heaven. In the meanwhile, help us to work hard to understand your Word, Lord. At the same time, thank you for passages like this one that keep us humble. Thank you for the reminder that we cannot completely figure you out. Thank you for moments of mystery. May such times make us more humble before you. May they fill us with awe. Amen.