New Year’s Resolution: Hug An Advertiser

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Advertisers have it rough. They promote products, so we naturally blame them for the month we just spent dodging (and being hit by) commercial shrapnel. They used the television to shoot at us, and magazines, newspaper inserts, billboards and mall signage, too. They even found ways to use our kids via psychological tactics: "Daddy, can I have that?" "Daddy, can I have that?" "Daddy, can I have that?" "Daddy...." But they aren't fully guilty. We consumers have a very dysfunctional relationship with advertisers, so we have to own our part. And we can begin by approaching this relationship proactively. Here's what I want you to do. Go over to New Breed of Advertisers, read the post called "Hug an Advertiser," and then go hug an advertiser. Then, if you still have some pay-it-forward left in you, come back here and tell us a hug story (advertising-related or not). We could all use the encouragement.